THOUGHT // The Blessing of the Unknown

As every great philosopher* (*read 'everyone with an Instagram account') once said...

'Yesterday is history, tomorrow's a mystery, today is a gift - which is why we call it the present'

Okay, not every great philosopher used those exact words - if they did, every Pinterest 'Quotes I Love' board would be rendered even more excruciating. That phrasing came from the brain of American cartoonist Bil Keane. But at almost every juncture in philosophical rhetoric - not least during this very time of 'do-it-yourself' philosophy - words to that effect have been crafted to instil within the recipient a message of similar cognisance and wonderment.

Live for the moment. Don't look back. The future is unknown.

It's the last of those familiar idioms that I've been mulling over recently.

As I have made extraordinarily evident across any platform available to me, I recently interviewed the cast of the new Planet of the Apes films. One such chat was with 12 year-old Amiah Miller, who, as well as being the most impeccably media-trained child-bot I've ever come face-to-robot-interface with, is also a lovely and very talented girl. During the 5 minute interview (more like 4 mins 30 seconds - tetchy floor managers, ammaright?), Amiah-tron 3000 re-lived her audition process - during which she was blissfully unaware of the film for which she was being reviewed. 

Now initially, I thought how on earth does someone audition for a heavily ape-based film without knowing that's what the faces on the other end of the Skype call are looking for...(Amiah gives a pretty good rendition in the interview below...if it's bugging you too.)

But then, I remembered old Bil Keane and his pearly wisdom. Maybe there's something in suggesting that the unknown entity of undefined length that we call our future is best remaining exactly that...unknown. No matter how much we try - we're never going to know how things will pan out, and in Amiah's case - it seems ignorance truly was bliss. Knowing she was auditioning for one of the biggest franchises in movie history could have been performance-altering and nerve-inducing enough to get her robot wires in a twist.*

*Granted it may not have affected this particular edition of Amiah2D2, but you never know.

I've spent years concerned about the future. I'm a 'millennial'. I'm not alone. But Amiah's little anecdote gave me so much more than the little chuckle it elicited on delivery. If you focus on what's in front of you and do that to the best of your ability - there's no knowing who's watching or what opportunities might arise. Maybe Fox Productions are actually awaiting this blog post to see whether they want me to come on board.

I assume so. Otherwise Amiah's led me right up the garden path.

So I'm going to go and focus on making a cracking coffee and allow the realisation that I have just become a do-it-yourself philosopher in the space of 5 paragraphs sink in.

Have a great day. 


The Hypocritical Philosopher

Here's my interview with Amiah Miller & Steve Zahn: