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Brand and Social Consulting

Will directed and created an excited cover model video campaign for Women Health UK's social platforms, including 5 of the most sought after stars of women's fitness.

The videos gained over 20,000 views across all platforms - click here to watch


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Creative Directing 

Will has creatively directed a number of popular YouTube channels, from idea initiation, to individual content creation, videography and editing. 

Some of Will's collaborators include Mind Body Bowl, Clean Eating Alice and Raw Press.

Click here to see some of Will's Work


Promotional & Brand Videography

Will is an experienced videographer and editor, with a great knowledge of online platforms and social media. He has created campaigns for a number of clients to enhance their online presence and create a buzz around certain campaigns. 

Click here to see some of Will's Work


Travel and Lifestyle Videography

Will has worked with a number of clients to create inspiring and exciting travel and lifestyle films and YouTube videos - ranging from Retreat films, to foreign travel movies and yoga vlogs.

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Will has shot photography for a range of clients - most notably contributing to features for The Guardian Newspaper's travel edition.

To view some of Will's work - click here


Podcast Production

Will has worked in radio for a number of years, and has adapted his skills to help produce some of the best and most exciting podcasts available. 

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