3 Marathons for Mind


Over the next year I'm running three marathons for Mind Charity - to raise money and awareness for mental health and to encourage us to talk to each other, to our friends and even to strangers.

This is fuelled by reasons that are close to me and so many people I know. If you want to know more - you can read it on my Just Giving page, or just message me 🙂

I want to encourage community, so will be doing regular training runs with friends or anyone who would like to join me and come along for the ride - so watch this space.

I'm already 8 weeks in to training for the first one... so any donations or sharing of this post or page is hugely appreciated - no one is doing this alone 🙂

These are the dates, in case anyway wants to come along!

1. Amsterdam (Oct 2017)
2. London (April 2018)
3. Berlin (September 2018)