Will is a broadcaster, writer, producer, director, content creator and one of those people who struggles to fill out the occupation section of a form.

He started out by studying a Masters degree in Broadcast Journalism, and swiftly moved into a position as a video journalist at Notts TV. After a firmly securing his position as creator of the 'lighter' features at the end of the programme - including a piece on John the Farmer whose crop of pumpkins swelled beyond manageable size - Will made a move to a more national scale, and began working behind the camera at CBBC's Newsround.

After a screen-test for a Cbeebies show that went 'drastically wrong' (Will was making a guitar out of a tissue box and elastic bands when everything fell to pieces...literally), it became evident that Will may be better placed elsewhere.

Alongside working his way up to a number of Assistant Producer roles behind the camera, Will also began writing comedy shows aimed at a teenage audience for stations such as SubTV. His talents were quickly picked up after a number of pilot shows and he began fronting content for the likes of Club 18-30 TV and Coke TV.

It was his dedication to persistence combined with his 'journalistic' skills that quickly saw Will presenting and producing entertainment news programmes at ITN productions, including Access news for Channel 5, 5* and 5US. 

Will is passionate about music and youth culture, and has been presenting the worldwide YouTube channel 'Balcony TV London' for over half a year. As producer he hand-picks the very best emerging musical talent in the country and showcases them in front of some of the finest views in London. He also gets cosy with the artists in a live interview after their performance - which is useful because it's usually freezing and raining in London...

As a presenter and interviewer, Will has grilled some of the biggest Hollywood and Chart-music names in the biz, including Woody Harrelson, Blonde, Second City, Andy Serkis, Steve Zahn and many more. His in depth interviews and sense of humour ensure his guests are at ease and always likely to give away a little too much information.

Will is also part of an improvisation group - who's long-form comedy and acting shows can be seen around London. He also creatively directs, films and edits a number of YouTube channels and campaigns - having worked with the likes of Women's Health, Clean Eating Alice, River Island and Mind Body Bowl.

As an ex-model, his sense of style has led to a number of campaigns with high-street and high-end brands including Paul Smith, New Look and Levi's.

Will has also fronted radio shows for Shoreditch Radio - including the coveted weekday drive time show, which saw him invite some of the highest calibre guests on his shows and saw him play the very best new music around. His audio-broadcasting knowledge has led to him presenting and producing a number of podcasts, currently he is the producer of the ever-popular Gentleman's Journal podcast.

In his spare time Will likes to complete challenges to raise money for charity - most notably running the London Marathon and cycling from London to Paris. 





  • Wanderlust Festival - Live Host/Presenter
  • Channel 5, 5Star & 5 US Access entertainment news – Presenter & Producer
  • Balcony TV London Music Sessions – Presenter & Producer
  • ITN: Club 18-30 TV – Presenter & Producer
  • Coke TV – Presenter
  • Talk at Will YouTube Channel – Presenter
  • 4Music: Shout Outs – Studio Guest
  • CBBC: Horrible Histories Gory Games – Actor & Voice Over Artist
  • SubTV: Bang on Trend (Pilot) – Presenter & Producer
  • SubTV: Anewsing Mews (Pilot) – Presenter & Producer
  • Spin4 Online: Music interviews – Presenter & Producer
  • Notts TV: Notts TV News – Video Journalist
  • Skeleton Productions – Presenter


  • Gentleman’s Journal podcast – Producer
  • Talk at Will podcast – Presenter & Producer
  • Shoreditch Radio: Drive Time Show – Presenter & Producer
  • Shoreditch Radio: Friday Night Weekend Warm-up – DJ & Host
  • VibeScribe Radio podcast – Presenter & Producer
  • FlyFm – Presenter


  • Channel 5, 5Star & 5 US Access entertainment news – Presenter/producer
  • Women’s Health Online Challenge video series – Director/Editor
  • Boys of Yoga: ‘Boys on Tour’ documentaries – Director/DOP/Editor
  • Frame Studios: ‘Frame Yoga’ short – DOP/Editor
  • Mind Body Bowl YouTube Channel – Producer/Director/DOP/Editor
  • Raw Press YouTube Channel – Producer/Director/DOP/Editor
  • Mira Manek Cooking YouTube Channel – Director/Editor
  • ITN: ‘Club 18-30 TV’ – Presenter/Producer
  • SubTV: ‘Bang on Trend’ Pilot – Producer
  • SubTV: ‘Anewsing Mews’ Pilot – Producer